Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Best place i've ever had

pernah kan ngerasain pengen banget "nyampah" pengen banget ngeluarin unek-unek tapi ngga pengen banyak orang tahu. Twitter sebenernya tempat bagus buat "nyampah", tapi rasanya agak gimana kalo di retweet sama orang. Facebook, kayaknya bukan tempat yang cocok buat "nyampah". Trus kalo ngga pengen orang tahu kenapa harus online????? *silakan di jawab sendiri*

and i have the best place to do that. Here, in my blog. Since my blog doesn't have much viewer, so i can tell anything through my blog, don't care how many people would read this (cause there's no one), don't care what are they thinking about me, don't care their judgement through their comment. And i feel free to write anything in my mind. Happiness sadness, anger,love,hopeless,torture,lucky, etc


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